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Persian (common) Lime
aka Lime
Species Citrus x latifolia 
Growing area temperate plains 
Range Ubiquitous in temperate areas 
Taxonomy Angiosperms / Eudicots / Rosids / Sapindales / Rutaceae / ...


Justification Questioned




See Citrus fruit
The trees are propagated clonally, by grafting or air layering.[1] Persian limes are commercialized primarily in six sizes, known as 110's, 150's, 175's, 200's, 230's and 250's. Large numbers of Persian limes are grown, processed, and exported every year primarily from Mexico[2] to the American, European and Asian markets. In 2014, Brazil was major exporter of fresh limes to Europe (about 70%) with Mexico supplying most of the remainder.[3]
  • Lime trees are "sized" according to how many of that tree's limes make a 40lb (18kg) lot. Typical sizes range from 110 to 250.


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