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Copper (II) Chloride, Method 1

Naturally Occuring Widely Available Chemical Library Video #XXX
Rev 1
Script for NOWACL Video XXX: Copper (II) chloride from ammonium chloride, Method 1
Act I, Part I: Intro
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Card: Copper (II) Chloride, CuCl2
Act II, Part I: Sourcing
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Card: Sourcing There are only two materials needed
Display copper ore rock malachite is a mineral form of copper carbonate, and
Cover Image for ammonium chloride ammonium chloride is already in our library. See video #YYY
Act II, Part II: Setup
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Card: Setup Preparation is simple
Weighing out copper carbonate We measure out 22.1g (0.1 mol) of dry copper carbonate
Weighing out ammonium chloride and 10.6g (0.2 mol) of dry ammonium chloride
Pour both of them into a small flask and shake We mix them thoroughly in a small flask
Add gas takeoff with hose, and clamp to bar This reaction produces ammonia and water vapor as gases.
Attach hose to bubbler We'll trap the gases in fresh water
Light alcohol burner We'll also need a source of heat
Act III, Part I: Production
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Card: Production
Put the lamp under the flask We heat the mixture gently and watch
Continue mixing, Show color change The reaction starts just under 200°C, and finishes at about 360. When we see the characteristic dark green of copper (II) chloride, we stop. If we get it too hot, or heat it for too long, we can decompose the copper (II) chloride to copper (I) chloride
Act III, Part II: Testing
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Card: Testing So... is it really copper (II) chloride?
Weigh the crystals At our 0.1molar scale, we should haved 13.4g of anhydrous material or 17g of the dihydrate.
Melting point and we can measure the melting point as well. It should be just under 500 °C
Act III, Part III: Add to Library
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Animation: Add copper chloride to NOWA Chemical Library drums & fanfare
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