Mineral acid intraconversion

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Mineral acid intraconversion
az bp Sulfuric Boric Perchloric Phosphoric Hydroiodic Hydrobromic Hydrofluoric Hydrochloric Nitric
From Sulfuric 98% 337   Borax Apatite CaI2 CaBr2 Fluorite Salt KNO3
Boric 300   KI KBr KF CaCl2 KNO3
Perchloric 203 K2SO4 Borax   K3PO4 KI KBr KF KCl KNO3
Phosphoric 158(d) MgSO4 Borax   CaI2 CaBr2 Fluorite CaCl2 KNO3
Hydroiodic 57% 127 Borax   HgBr2 AgF HgCl2 KNO3
Hydrobromic 48% 124 Electrolyze Sulfur Borax   AgF CaCl2 KNO3
Hydrofluoric 35% 120 Borax CaI2 CaBr2   CaCl2 KNO3
Hydrochloric 20.2 110 CuCl2 + SO2 Borax NH4ClO4 AgF   KNO3
Nitric 68% 83 chamber process Borax  

Cells with a dash (—) do not have a known direct path for conversion. A cation soluble for the column but insoluble for the row is ideal. Alternatively, convert the source acid to nitric acid, use that to make sulfuric acid, and use that to make the target acid.