Salt water

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Salt water is a Naturally Occurring, Widely Available material. It is by definition a legitimate source material for this project. It is a crude mixture of water and many different chemical salts. It is not potable, since the salt content is high enough to dehydrate the human body.


Natural occurrence

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  • Occurs naturally throughout the oceans
  • Occurs naturally in salt (brine) lakes


  • Not potable


There is more at sea salt, but 1 kg of salt water contains approximately

965.00g Water
 19.25g Chloride (Cl-)
 10.70g Sodium
  2.70g Sulfate (SO4-2)
  1.30g Magnesium
  0.42g Calcium
  0.39g Potassium
  0.0673g Bromide (Br-)
  0.24g Other

This means that there's approximately ½ mol of sodium chloride (29g) of salt in 1 liter of salt water, requiring 965g of water to be boiled (evaporated) away to obtain it.


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