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Ores by Metal
Element Primary Other
Metals of antiquity
Copper Malachite Azurite, Chalcopyrite
Iron Hematite Magnetite, Iron pyrite, Goethite, Marcasite
Lead Galena Cerussite
Mercury Cinnabar
Tin Cassiterite
Subsequent metals
Aluminum Bauxite Gibbsite
Antimony Stibnite
Barium Barite Witherite
Boron Borax Kernite, Colemanite
Calcium Limestone Chalk, Calcite
Chromium Crocoite Chromite
Magnesium Magnesite Brucite, Epsomite
Manganese Pyrolusite Hausmannite
Nickel Pentlandite
Zinc Hemimorphite Smithsonite, Sphalerite


An ore is a mineral which contains at least one element, usually a metal, that can be extracted by practical means. e.g. Both Magnetite and Hypersthene are minerals containing substantial fractions of iron, but only magnetite is considered iron ore, because the iron in hypersthene is so strongly bound that it is impractical to produce iron from it.

Must Have

  • All the required elements for minerals
  • Elements for which this is an ore "Copper/Cu"

May Have

  • Hazards section
  • calcprod and calctemp
  • decomp path

Must Not Have

  • Category:Compound tag
  • Category:Element tag
  • Category:Minerals tag

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