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A chemical compound is a pure chemical substance consisting of atoms of two or more different chemical elements arranged in a particular structure. While minerals and ores have chemical formulas, they are not "pure".

Page Contents

Must have

Entries must have a {{Compound}} template followed by the following (mandatory) sections, in order:

  • Uses
    • If justified: Primary and (optionally) Secondary sections listing uses
    • If not yet justified: Other section listing uses and {{Justify}} tag
  • Natural Occurrence
  • Hazards
  • Production
    • Must have harvesting, extraction, or synthesis subsections
      • Sub-subsection for each primary source or method of production
  • PTSD sections
    • Purification
    • Testing
    • Storage
    • Disposal
  • See Also
  • References

May Have

  • A "Character" section between Hazards and Production, including attributes not in the Compound box.

Must Not Have

  • A category tag for compounds, materials, elements, fuels, or listed status